The Write ID

Wouldn't it be nice to have all your online profiles and identities in sync? Wouldn't you like to add exceptions per network or service you want?

For the first time you can really trust a service that gives you the overview of all the networks and services you use in an orderly fashion and puts you in control of managing them.

TheWriteID will be a website where you can sync all your online profiles and identities from all known networks and services, thus putting you in control of your online presences.

The benefits:

  • You get an overview of all the networks and services you have signed up to,
  • What profile information you are sharing there. And where you can manage it, allowing pseudonimity and anonymity,
  • You control it, push it towards every networks and service that you want.

Our approach is unique and revolutionary. Your data will be encrypted by an unique key you will create yourself locally. You decide what information will be shared on what network or services. Once this key is created your data gets encrypted and saved in a distributed way (into the cloud). TheWriteID will not know what the exact data is. The only way to retrieve your information is by using your unique key.

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